Comments about first FB3 meeting

"Thank you for inviting me to this exciting conference; I really enjoyed the meeting very much and I thought the organizers did a wonderful job in putting this all together."

Kai Johnsson, Professor, EPFL, Switzerland


"Thank you for the excellent FB3 meeting in Göteborg over the weekend. I enjoyed the meeting very much, and learned a lot. The social arrangement were also excellent and I thank you all for your hospitality. I hope these meetings will continue in he future. You certainly got us off to the best possible start!"

David Lilley, Professor, University of Dundee, UK


"Thanks for running such a stimulating meeting and for giving me the chance to present our work. I've never been to a conference where I found every presentation to be relevant and interesting to my group's research until this one. I'd be happy to contribute to organizing future FB3 meetings."

Bruce Armitage, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, USA


"Thanks for putting on a wonderful conference and letting me be a part of it.  I had a great time, learned a lot and met some great folks.  I think you all did a very professional job and I look forward to another meeting in the future.... ...Morevoer, the dinners, hotel and even the food at the conference were great."  

James Wilson, Assistant Professor, University of Miami, USA


"Thank you for the very exciting FB3 meeting. I enjoyed very much the sceince, meeting old friends as well as making new ones and the beautiful city of Gothenburg. Overall the great benieit of FB3 is to have helped identifying an interdisciplinary community with common goals. I hope there will be a second FB3 and if I may be of help this will be with pleasure."

Marie-Paule Teulade-Fichou, Professor, Université Paris-Sud, France


"Thank you for a wonderful conference. I learnt a lot and established many new contacts (and made new friends)."

Thomas Gustavsson, Professor, CEA/Saclay, France


"I very much enjoyed the conference."

Jin Zhang, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins, USA

"I learnt a lot about nucleic acid sceicne and Sweden during the conference."

Byeang Hyean Kim, Professor, POSTECH, Korea


"Thanks for a well organised and inspiring conference. I really enjoyed my time in Göteborg."

Mark Prescott, Senior Lecturer, Monash University, Australia


"Thanks a lot for a great conference. I very much enjoyed both the scientific and social program."

Victoria Birkedal, Assistant Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark


"Thanks for organizing that fantastic conference. I can't manage much travels these days, but I'm really glad I made the effort to go. There were so many great talks and so much to think about and discuss.  "

Eimer Tuite, Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University, UK